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Frequency Word Book

The first 1000 most common English words
(sorting alphabetically)


Dictionaries compiled not by alphabet but by the frequency of the use of a word are called “Frequency Word Book”. Today computer resources can say how often a word occurs within seconds. The database for analysis (English) exceeds 560 million words of various texts. We checked the word "find." The program found the word “find” met 239,772 times among 560,000,000 words. This is a fairly high result. The word “find” is "frequency word". 30 examples of its use were also shown. For example: They find no evidence that the price of housing affects any outcomes for poor children.

An analysis of the base of 850,000 words of fiction and non-fiction books and articles for adults showed that 53% of these texts consist of only 100 words. But this figure should not be misleading.
We will prepare several articles on how many words the child needs to know, depending on the age, how many words the child should listen to in a day to quickly build up the vocabulary, etc. We think that they will be useful.

Let's argue a little bit. The child's ability to learn languages begins to fall by 6-7 years. One of the reasons is that by this age the child already speaks the language at a level that fully ensures the life of the organism. Read the article How do children learn language? At what age shall they start learning English? You can download it in PDF - Download PDF . Active vocabulary (words that are used in conversation) of a child 6-7 years old is 3000 - 5000 words. Passive vocabulary (words that the child understands) is much larger. These figures are checked and rechecked. Let’s take the middle - 4000 words. Conclusion: to understand speech and communicate at a good level (the level of a 6-year-old child) you need to know (understand and automatically use in the conversation) 4,000 words.

The frequency dictionary will be very useful. You have to know at least 4000 first words from this dictionary. The first 1000 most common words are located above (use alphabet menu). Words are sorted alphabetically for convenience.

Look at the list of the first 100 most frequent words which were mentioned above.
a, about, after, all, am, an, and, are, as, at, away
back, be, because, big, but, by
call, came, can, come, could
did, do, down
for, from
get, go, got
had, has, have, he, her, here, him, his
in, into, is, it
last, like, little, live, look
made, make, me, my
new, next, not, now
of, off, old, on, once, one, other, our, out, over
saw, said, see, she, so, some
take, that, the, their, them, then, there, they, this, three, time, to, today, too, two
up, us
was, we, were, went, what, when, will, with

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