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Why it is useful to learn English language from early childhood?

Improves overall development of a child. Makes learning at school easier.
Increases chances to find a better job in future.

Useful to learn English from early childhood

If you type this sentence in a search line, you will find a lot of articles in Internet with multiple reasonable answers to this question – increasing of capabilities for communication, tourism etc. I would like to highlight three of them.

Early learning of foreign languages positively influences on overall development of a child.

What do we mean when we say early learning of English language – from the birth to the moment when a child goes to school.
Many speech and language therapists and psychologists are convinced that learning of second language is useful for speaking function development (training of a child’s organs of speech) and improves speaking skills in mother tongue.
According to observations, a child who started to learn English from a small age will be more prompt for self-education and never suffers from idleness and boredom. A child develops positive motivation for learning.

Make your child’s school time easier.

In the majority of modern schools, English is a second language subject for pupils.
Imagine that before your child goes to school he or she will understand English speech and can talk a little in English. How easier it will be for a child to learn English at school! He or she will have no difficulties in retelling texts, learning versets and grammar rules. You and your child will save a lot of your time. And what is very important, you will decrease a learning pressure on your child.
How difficult it is to arrange for it?

Baby English Best

Give your child a chance..

Вaby English Best. In the modern world, English language became a main language of international communication. Global use of English language continues growing. This is an objective reality.
Good job is a foundation of financial and very often moral prosperity of a person.
Knowledge of English language will drastically increase chances of your child to find a good job.
Good knowledge of English language is an entry ticket to a global employment market.
Here are some examples.
In 90th I worked in German company MAN (this company is well known for its truck and buses) in the Division for large diesel engines for shipbuilding and power plants. It is an international company – MAN (Germany), MAN B&W (Denmark), Pielstic (France), more than 100 branches around the globe. Knowledge of German was not necessary. But English was a must.
Recently one large company had closed their brunch office (I don’t want to mention neither the name of the company nor a country). No person (neither men nor women) stayed unemployed any longer than one week – due to knowledge of English language and working experience in a well-known firm. Many of them were offered higher positions and better salaries.
Give your child a chance to be highly competitive at the employment market.
The best and the most beneficial investment is an investment into personal education and into education of your children.

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