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Last update 20 June 2019 г.

Learn and repeat with the children these THREE THINGS

Why is useful to learn English language from early childhood?
Improves overall development of a child.
Makes learning at school easier.
Increases chances to find a better job in future.

If you type this sentence in a search line, you will find a lot of articles in Internet with multiple reasonable answers to this question – increasing of capabilities for communication, tourism etc. I would like to highlight three of them.
Early learning of foreign languages positively influences on overall development of a child.
What do we mean when we say early learning of English language – from the birth to the moment when a child goes to school.

Is English language difficult or easy? Pronunciation.
Easy from the point of view of grammar.
Difficult from the point of view of speech understanding.
Pronunciation – don’t develop complexes.

Lots of articles are written about this issue. There are lots of discussions on forums. The majority of people agree that English language is easy. But mainly discussion is focused on English grammar. And at the same time, many of those, who write about good knowledge of English language, admit that when they watch American or British movies, they understand less than 50% of it. And this is highly insufficient. What is the reason behind it?

How do children learn language? At what age shall they start learning English?
Very simple: they listen, remember, repeat.
The earlier the better.

It’s quite simple. They listen, remember, try to repeat and finally start speaking.
The more a child hears the speech around, the more people talk to a child, the more words he or she will remember. Children are very good in relating words to items or actions. It doesn’t matter for them how many words are used for the same object. They will sort it out without any difficulties.

What do children like to do? What children don’t like to do?
Children like to play. Children like to watch cartoons.
Children don’t like to do things they are forced to do.

What do children like to do? The answer is simple.
Сhildren like to play and children like to watch cartoons.
Eagerness to play is given to a child by nature. From the earliest age, children play games to develop elementary skills and practices, to develop speech abilities. With growing older, the game is used for socialization (role playing games). In real life, children are limited in their actions, but in games they can be anyone or anything they want. Every child engages his or her imagination, thinking … We can say that phrases “children like to play” and “children like to learn” are equal.

Should parents help their child? How to encourage a child to start talking?
Yes, they should. Children are waiting for and will be glad to get your help.
Though they should be provided with a certain level of independence (help shouldn’t be overwhelming).

YOU are the most important and the best teacher for your child!
Read our recommendations for parents.
Primary condition that gives most effective influence on the development and learning progress of children of pre-school age is – Communication with Parents.

Television / Internet and Children. Advantages and disadvantages.
Uncontrolled viewing TV programs / uncontrolled use of the Internet is unacceptable.
Dosed and controlled viewing of TV programs / internet have a positive impact on child development.

Аmerican Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) does not recommend watching TV for babies less than 24 months. After age of 2 years old, TV time should be limited by 2 hours per day.
There are numerous articles written on this issue that are available on internet. In the section Baby English Best Recommendations for Parents at the bottom of this page, you can read more about our recommendations on this issue.

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