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Should parents help their child? How to encourage a child to start talking?

Yes, they should. Children are waiting for and will be glad to get your help.
Though they should be provided with a certain level of independence (help shouldn’t be overwhelming).

Should parents help their child? How to encourage a child to start talking?

YOU are the most important and the best teacher for your child!
Read our recommendations for parents.
Primary condition that gives most effective influence on the development and learning progress of children of pre-school age is – Communication with Parents.
save timeAnd this is a huge problem nowadays. Very often parents don’t have enough time for communication with children, even during their pre-school years, things get even worth when a child goes to school. The majority of children of age from 6 to 10 prefer communication (to spend time) with mother and father, rather than with their equals in age. Maybe this is also a natural reaction. Subconsciously they feel that communication with grown-ups is more useful for them. Because they continue to learn and parents are the best example to follow.
Аnd parents often don’t have enough time and that is a fact.
It is always good when parents understand that and do their best to improve the situation. But unfortunately, there are still many of them, who are not able to recognize this problem.
One of the most important goals of this website is to save time for parents. Instead of spending time on searching, useful for your child, books, audio tracks and videos, it is better to take him or her to the Zoo or make a family trip to the countryside.
save time
On the other hand, excessive protection is also unwelcomed.
Here is a story from Aleksandr, programmer from our team. He did not start talking until he was almost three years old. His grandmother, a teacher, took him to stay for some time at her place. In one week when his father came to visit him, he run towards father and started talking. Father answered without realizing what happened. And only after some time he was struck with that fact “You are talking, son?”
The reason for such a late start of talking was in excessive attention from parents: they predicted every wish of their child. And in such situation a child is not motivated to express his wishes with words.
We are reasonably skeptical about new fashionable system of communication with babies by means of sign language. We have a tongue for this.
Encouraging children to talk is an important task and it is even more difficult if we want our child to start speak foreign language. For this to happen, there must be created favorable conditions and a feeling of need for that. For example, when communication is possible only in foreign language.
If you want to see your child succeeding in life, you have to teach him how to learn. All successful people are constantly learning throughout their life. Assist and teach them to be self-sufficient.

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