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Television / Internet and Children. Advantages and disadvantages.

Uncontrolled viewing TV programs / uncontrolled use of the Internet is unacceptable.
Dosed and controlled viewing of TV programs / internet have a positive impact on child development.

elevision / Internet and Children. Advantages and disadvantages.

Аmerican Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) does not recommend watching TV for babies less than 24 months. After age of 2 years old, TV time should be limited by 2 hours per day.
There are numerous articles written on this issue that are available on internet. In the section Baby English Best Recommendations for Parents at the bottom of this page, you can read more about our recommendations on this issue. Also we provide links to a number of interesting and useful articles. If you are fluent in English, we recommend you to read them. If your English is not perfect, we are sure you can find relevant articles in your mother tongue.
You can see very different opinions on the influence of the TV on a child.
But everyone unanimously agree that it is unacceptable to allow an uncontrolled viewing of TV programs to children. And this is absolutely correct opinion.
Prohibited for toddlersOne of the major problems nowadays is as follows. There are very few TV channels for children that are dedicated to children of a certain age. We often have a situation when after broadcasting of a cartoon for children of two years old age, there is a commercial brake, which is followed by a cartoon for children of a school age. Parents must constantly control broadcasting schedule and must switch off TV when programs do not fit the age group of their child.
For children of age up to 3-3,5 years old there are special requirements to the television broadcasting. Everything should be smooth and calm without any sudden movements. Cartoons like old Disney-cartoon style (Mickey Mouse, Pluto and etc.) with sudden movements are unacceptable.
A good example of perfect TV channel for babies (up to 3-4 years old) is a British Baby TV channel. All programs are smooth, no sudden movements, programs are short, no ads at all. When this channel is turned on, parents shouldn’t worry at all about content. Parents control the Internet
For children of next age group, we can’t recommend any particular channel.

Internet is acceptable and welcomed for use for child’s early development.
At the beginning together with parent for reading a book and for watching pictures. To watch and to listen to a song. For simple painting books.
From very early age you must teach a child that you are going to control him or her. If this will not become your rule, you will face problems at age of 4,5-5 years old. At this age a child can already learn how to use internet for games and watching videos on YouTube. And such activities will not always coincide with a child’s age.

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